Omnia Divina

Intention Gemstone Bracelet: Carnelian (Career Pillar)


Carnelian is known for being the stone of motivation. It's also a powerful energizing stone. Since ancient times, Carnelian has been used as a medallion of luck and is known to guard the wearer from vices and negativity. Adorn yourself with this vibrant Carnelian, protecting your energy and supporting your momentum toward your desired manifestations.

We're happy to take your wrist measurements if you feel you'll need a custom fit. Most Men wear a large or medium and most Women wear a medium or small. We're also happy to resize for free if it arrives and you don't love the fit.

Disclaimer - We are a small but mighty team and your beautiful piece of Omnia Divina was created entirely by hand, in small batches or one at a time. As such, each of our products are deeply infused with loving attention to detail & care. Our products will show variation of size, color, aromatic potency, or texture as it transcends our hands to meet yours. Our products are magical but not meant to be a replacement of traditional care.